China Visa


Legal Passport Specializes in Expediting Emergency China Tourist and China Business Visas in 24-48 Hours. When are you traveling to China? Call Legal Passport at (800) 238­ 6662 if you need ANY help with your China visa application.

China Visa Requirements:

  1. Passport Book (in good shape and not beat up) You must send your actual, physical passport, with a minimum of eight months of validity left and two blank visa pages.
  2. Photo/s
  3. Computer generated Visa Application (legalpassport-China-Visa-Application)
  4. Money order for $140 or $165 money order to Consulate of China or left blank.
    (The amount of the money order depends on if you are processing regular or emergency speed).
    ***note*** I – IV above will secure you a Tourist Visa for China… to get a Business Visa for China,
    you must secure an invitatation from the government in China as described in V
  5.  For a China Business Visa you must have an invitation from the Foreign Ministry in China that your company in China can secure.  More information on China Business visa
  6. Call Legal Passport at 800 238 6662 to pay by credit card your Legal Passport processing fee (see below the rate chart for pricing).

Either of these documents can be used to secure a China Business Visa:

– An Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit or a Confirmation Letter of Invitation issued by an authorized Chinese agency;
– An invitation Letter issued by the Chinese local governments, companies, corporations and institutions other than above-mentioned Chinese agency.

Passports must have:

  1. Two blank visa pages in the book.
  2. Validity for a minimum of eight months byond the stay in china .
  3. The passport holder’s signature in the book.
  4. The last three pages on the US passport cannot be used for a visa stamp, as they are amendment and endorsement pages.

I. Photocopy of Passport


You must provide a CLEAN and legible copy of the information page of your passport in addition to your original passport.

II. China Visa Application Form


Download legalpassport-China-Visa-Application.

Forms must be completely filled in, signed, and dated. One form for each applicant. Do not leave any section blank but instead write “N/A” when you don’t know the answer, or if the question does not apply to you.

The Supplementary Visa Application Form (V2011B) is the form you must fill out if you are applying for a “Z” work visa, or an “X” study visa.

Non-US citizens must provide proof of legal residence in the US. Non-US citizens must contact Legal Passport about Special Requirements.

Important Reminder: Hand-written application forms ARE NOT accepted by Chinese Embassy/Consulates. You must TYPE your answers in our fillable pdf form.

Call Legal Passport at 800 238-6662 if you need ANY help with your China visa application.

III. Photograph


One or Two  color 2×2 photo, with a plain background, taken at a professional passport photo service, Kinkos, CVS, etc. Photos can not be printed out on regular paper. China visa photo requirements Click Here to View.

IV. Costs

Service Consulate Fee** Service Fee FedEx Shipping Processing Time
Rush $140 $100 $40 10+ business days
Urgent $165 $150 $40 4-9 business days
Emergency* $165 $200 $40 1-3 business days

If you are ethnic Chinese, a minor, or a non-US citizen, you must contact our office about Special Requirements.

The soonest we can get a US Passport delivered to you is December 3rd, 2022.