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Legal Passport Service Pledge

What We Can Do

Quality control:

We contact you after submitting your documents when the Agents at the Passport Agency notify us of any problem with those documents. Sometimes, though, a government official will contact you instead.

Go over some of your paperwork before submitting to check for errors/quality. Renewals and foreign visas can be done this way.

Give you total support and service for all steps of the application process, and especially the most important step in applying for a new adult or child passport: the tricky part of going to see the Passport Acceptance Agent at the post office or courthouse with the correct documentation.

Give a status update, in less than two hours, after processing starts.

Provide a FedEx tracking number for the passport’s return shipment.

Offer you a guarantee that you will have your passport in time for your trip if your documents are in order and if the government makes the passport on time/schedule (based on the documents).

What We Can’t Do

Mislead you in any way about the status of your passport application.

Be responsible for delays at the Passport Agency, FedEx delivery delays, or at consulates.

Refund your Legal Passport fee if your documents are submitted to the government and then you change your mind.

Refund your fee when you reserved a Same-Day or Three-Day Passport Agency appointment. We can not refund service fees when the Passport Agency does not issue your passport. We are a courier service and submit your documents in a timely manner, but we have no control over the integrity or quality of the customer’s documents once sent, or the government’s issuing or non-issuing of our customers’ US passports.

Forge documents or convince officials to give preferred treatment.

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