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Customer Service Team

Customer Service Team

Our Passport Specialists are highly trained and experienced and can handle the complexities of all passport application scenarios and all visa processing.
Call our Toll-Free Customer Service Line and someone is bound to talk with you in 3 minutes or less. The phones are answered promptly.

Agents are available 8 am to 2 am, Monday through Saturday, East Coast time to discuss your documents and what you need to get your passport in time for your trip. The highly trained and experienced agents help applicants understand government requirements, how to order their state-issued citizenship or identity papers and documents, if they don’t have them, and how not to waste time and instead use the time to their advantage by expediting with Legal Passport Services.

What We Do

Passport Specialists at Legal Passport Services will help applicants with applications for new passports, passport renewals, child passports, replacing stolen or lost passports, name changes on passports, visa pages, amendments of the passport, and foreign entry visas for any country that requires a US citizen to enter with a visa (or a foreign national in the US, for that matter).

Legal Passport Services has a Visa Department with Passport Specialists who will help you expedite a visa for any country in the world that requires a visa for entry by a US citizen. Brazil, Russia, China, and India are major travel destinations that require a visa for business, tourist, or similar travel, but our Visa Specialists will help all applicants with any visa for any country or destination

Why Legal Passport?

Our staff is completely in tune with the frustrations of last-minute travel and last-minute efforts to secure travel documents through Passport Agencies. Our agents are also world-class travelers themselves, so they know both about the complexities and frustrations of getting identity documents and travel documents together so that they can enjoy a trip without interruption. Smooth communication is what we strive for in completing the mission of getting a passport and a traveler’s smile for every client. Whether the person is going on a cruise, going by tour, is a businessperson doing last minute business travel, or is a travel agent helping a tourist expedite their passport; it doesn’t matter, as all of these situations are instances where our Passport Specialists will help cut the government’s red tape and provide our customer with peace of mind.

How Do We Do It?

Legal Passport Couriers and Agents have a set appointment each day at several Passport Agencies in the US. Our couriers will hand-carry your passport application materials to the counter at no later than 10 am each day, where government officials will scrutinize your documents right away, and, if everything is in order they will accept the materials and process your passport, while the Courier is given a pickup slip for the new passport for either later that day or for the next day.

Now, if any of your application materials are lacking, our courier will call the Legal Passport headquarters within the hour of submitting your documents, and we will contact the applicant, again within that same hour, to let you know what materials are lacking from your submission and what you will need to do to rectify that situation immediately.

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