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Legal Passport Service Agreement

All Legal Passport Services Fees are Non-Refundable

Legal Passport Services LLC does not issue U S Passports. Passports are issued by The Passport Agency after they review the applications and support documentation.

Legal Passport Services LLC provides the latest information available from the US State Department, but many times additional information is required after the Agency reviews your application. Legal Passport Services LLC has no control of these additional requirements and recommends that if you should have your passport application rejected that you quickly supply the information in order to expedite your visa request. Normally, US Passport Agency fees are non-refundable. Passport requirements and government fees are subject to change without notice.

U.S. Passport Agency cannot issue a passport if you have any of the following issues. Please advise the agent if you have problems that will keep you from obtaining a passport. 1. Child support 2. Criminal conviction 3. Owe U.S. Government Money from a foreign loan 4. Failure to meet the requirements.

SUSPENSE: Sometimes, during the adjudication process of passport applications, the U.S. Government will place a suspense on an application. Suspense cases occur when, after reviewing the application, the passport agency feels they need additional information. The most common of the reasons are: 1. Additional identification and/or documentation 2. Birth record issues 3. Routine name hold. 4. Fraud issues 5. Multiple lost passports.

IF YOUR PASSPORT IS PLACED IN SUSPENSE, quick action needs to be taken by you to resolve the issue. THE U.S. Department of State will hold a suspense application active for ninety (90) days. If the problem is not resolved within that time period the application is considered TO BE ABANDONED. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE DOES NOT REFUND APPLICATION FEES ONCE THE APPLICATION HAS BEEN SUBMITTED. Legal Passport Courier will submit your documents to fix your application once it is suspended and have your issue/s resolved as soon as possible.

Visa Applications: Legal Passport Services LLC has no control of any US Passport Agency and its decision to issue a passport. All Passport Applications are submitted based on the available criteria. Each Passport Agency has the right to request additional information or to change requirements without notice.

Legal Passport Services LLC, does not issue passports or visas. What we do is assist in making your application as nearly correct and perfect as possible. When we see a problem we ask for additional documentation which will assist the U.S. Passport Service in quickly issuing your passport or visa.

*** All Legal Passport Services Fees are Non-Refundable

I have read and understand this information. The travel date listed below is the earliest day of my trip. I understand these problems are outside the control of Legal Passport Services LLC and I am responsible for fixing my problems.


Legal Passport Services LLC, Providence, Rhode Island, acts on the behalf of the client, and takes no responsibility for the services rendered by the U.S. Passport Service, U.S. Postal Service acceptance agent program, Clerks of Court in any jurisdiction, Travel agents, Consulates, or Embassies of any country in connection with the granting of passports or visas.

This responsibility applies to requirements and information obtained from any government agency. All information and prices are subject to change without notice. Legal Passport Services LLC, takes no responsibility for delays or loss of passports as may occur through the services above or any other official government agency not listed, the U.S. Mail or by guaranteed delivery services such as Express Airline Shipments (Delta Dash, TWA, WorldPax or other similar services), UPS, Federal Express, DHL, Airborne and the U.S. Postal Express Mail. Legal Passport Services LLC is not responsible for acts of war or acts of God.

Damage compensation for errors, omissions or any other reason is not available. Legal Passport Services LLC, Providence, Rhode Island, does not take responsibility for information provided by the client in connection with applications for passports and visas. This disclaimer applies to all instructions and information on this web site

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