These are instructions intended for the application of a single, double-, or multiple entry three-year visa for Tourist Travel.

Passports must have:

  1. Two blank visa pages in the book.
  2. Validity for a minimum of six months.
  3. The passport holder’s signature in the book.
  4. The last three pages on the US passport cannot be used for a visa stamp, as they are amendment and endorsement pages.


Visa Classification

Please note: if you are traveling to Russia for any purpose other than tourism, check the requirements of your particular trip with the Legal Passport Services Visa Specialist. Please refer to the Russian Visa Classification Table below for info on what visa category your travel to Russia may entail.


Gather Your Materials:

Gather these materials for shipment to Legal Passport to expedite the issuing of your Russian Tourist Visa. The earliest you can apply for the Russian visa is 45 days before your departure. Russian Consulates offer unpredictable and backlogged processing times; check with your Legal Passport Visa Specialist to determine how much time is available for your visa application in regard to your departure date.

  1. Send Legal Passport your valid, signed US passport with two blank visa pages and a minimum six months validity.
  2. Send two standard passport photos.
  3. Go and fill out online the Russian Visa Application (with barcode) here and then print out the form.
  4. Fill out one visa application for a single-entry application or two visa applications for double-entry visa applications. Include photocopies of these forms. Fill out all of the blanks on the form.
  5. Send Hotel Reservation Confirmation or get Tourist Visa Support – Legal Passport can help you with this.
  6. Money order or Bank Check of $250 for Rush Processing (four day) or $140 for seven day Regular Processing. for the consulate fee
  7. Fee of $150 to Legal Passport for Urgent Service or a check or credit card charge of $100 for Rush Service.
  8. Legal Passport Visa Order Form
  9. Legal Passport Disclaimer/Service Explanation
  10. Important Note: When filling out the online visa application at the link Please select the proper Russian Consulate office for the processing of your Russian visa, according to what region you reside in (your state Location). Choices exist for San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, or Houston. Check with your Legal Passport Visa Specialist before shipping your materials so that the Agent can checklist your items.


At the end of the online Russian visa application, you will be asked to select the visa issuing office. You must select “ILS WASHINGTON”, “ILS NEW YORK”, “ILS SAN FRANCISCO”, or “ILS HOUSTON” depending on what Travisa location will process your visa. If you select the city without “ILS”, the application will not be accepted.


The Consular Division of the Embassy also has the right to call the applicants for an interview and request, if needed:

  • a bank statement from the applicant
  • a statement from the employer in regard to the applicant’s wages for the preceding year/ half year, or month
  • medical insurance that is valid in the country to be visited and covering all the period of the first trip
  • documents regarding the applicant’s ownership of property located n the country of his citizenship
  • a certificate on the family makeup of the applicant.


Legal Passport Services can help non-US citizens holding green cards or who have long-term non-immigration status get a Russian Business or Tourist Visa. Call us at 800 238-6662 to get your Russian visa.

If you are a US Citizen, a citizen of the UK, a non-European citizen or a citizen of some European countries, with a green card or a long-term non-immigration status if not a US-citizen, your Russian Visa Fees are listed in the table below:

Russia Visa Classification and Processing Time Table

Processing time (business days only) 4 business days 7 business days
Tourist visa single or double entries $250 $140
Student short term visa single or double entries $250 $140
Student long term visa single entry $250 $140
Business visa single or double entries $250 $140
Business visa multiple entry $450 $150
Humanitarian visa single or double entries $250 $140
Humanitarian visa multiple entries $450 $150
Work visa single entry $250 $140
Work visa multiple entry $450 $150
Transit visa single or double entries $450 $150
Private (Homestay) visa single or double entries (type 1) $250 $140
Private (Homestay) visa single or double entries (type 2) N/A N/A


Source: Russian Embassy in Washington DC

Special Note: If the visa applicant submits their documents with passport to the Russian Consulate, and then decides to change some aspect of the submission, the applicant will be forced to take back all documents and reassemble those documents before resubmitting for the Russian visa application.


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$220 for Emergency Service 1-3 days (plus return fedex shipping of $40)

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