Brazil requires US citizens to travel to Brazil with a valid passport and a visa stamp from the Brazil consulate or embassy. American citizens must apply to the Brazil consulate or embassy based on the state they live and which Brazil consulate covers that state. Applicants must provide their passport, with at least one year left of validity, to Legal Passport, and the passport along with visa application materials, must be hand-carried to the Brazil Consulate for visa processing.


Passports must have:

  1. Two blank visa pages in the book.
  2. Validity for a minimum of six months.
  3. The passport holder’s signature in the book.
  4. The last three pages on the US passport cannot be used for a visa stamp, as they are amendment and endorsement pages.


Visa application materials must include:

  1. One recent passport photo
  2. A photocopy of the of the information page in the passport
  3. Proof of residency with a clear and notarized color copy of their state-issued I.D. or driver’s license. Applicants who had recently moved and didn’t update their driver’s license or I.D. must instead supply a recent, notarized utility bill in their name.
  4. Non-US citizens and foreign nationals, who are not in the US on tourism, must prove their legal status to reside in the US, in order to secure a Brazil tourist visa.
  5. A completed and signed online visa application (download here)
  6. A computer-generated flight itinerary from an online-booking tool (confirmation from Orbitz or Travelocity is good) or from a travel agent.
  7. Fees: Contact Legal Passport about the exact consulate fee – based on processing time.
  8. Use only a postal money order (that you can leave blank in the payee section) to pay to the ‘Consulate of Brazil.’

  9. The Legal Passport Order Form


Legal Passport Fees are in addition to the Consulate Fee)

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$120 for Rush Service 10+ days (plus return fedex shipping of $40)
$170 for Urgent Service 4-9 days (plus return fedex shipping of $40)
$220 for Emergency Service 1-3 days (plus return fedex shipping of $40)

Payment Processing


FedEx return shipping charge is $40 and added to the Legal Passport Fees.

Call Legal Passport at 800 238-6662 to verify your visa materials and for the shipping address of the consulate for your state location.

Call Legal Passport if you need a business visa for Brazil – at 800 238-6662.

Note: The new Consulate General Brazil in New York City will be at Manhattan, Midtown, 225 East 41 Street, between Second and Third Avenues (Zip code 10017).


Brazil Visas for Special Circumstance:

Brazil now offers fee-waived 90-day visas for participants in these events:

Brazil FIFA Confederations CUP

Brazil World Youth Day

You will need to have your voucher in order to qualify. Our expediting fees are the same for those wishing to use our services. Please choose “Tourist” and the appropriate expediting time frame.

The soonest we can get a US Passport delivered to you is December 3rd, 2022.