Legal Passport Services has a Visa Department with Passport & Visa Specialists who will help you expedite a visa stamp for any country in the world that requires a visa for entry by a US citizen or non-US citizen. Brazil, Russia, China, and India are major travel destinations that require a visa for business, tourist, or similar travel, but our Visa Specialists will help all applicants with any visa for any country or destination


Contact your Legal Passport Agent to discuss your last-minute travel plans and how 24-hour Emergency Passport Processing and 24-hour Emergency Service Visa Processing can get you on your way to a new destination, in a new time zone, and prevent an expensive trip from not happening. We will get you there , when you need to go, with plenty of time to spare, and to anywhere on the globe.


How Fast Do you Need It? Passport Processing Pricing:

$100 for Rush Service 10+ days (plus return fedex shipping of $40)
$150 for Urgent Service 4-9 days (plus return fedex shipping of $40)
$200 for Emergency Service 1-3 days (plus return fedex shipping of $55)


If you are trying to leave at the last minute, or within 24-48-72 hours, and need either a passport or a visa, or both, call us ASAP, and we will get you there!


The soonest we can get a US Passport delivered to you is November 30, 2022.