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Travel Partners: Take Advantage of the Legal Passport Profit Center

Legal Passport Services has many years of working with travel websites, tour operators, travel agents, cruise lines, and corporate travel departments, and offers Discount Pricing and Partner Commissions for many travelers. It is critical that our clients have their passports and visas, and related travel documents, in order, in time, and ready for travel. We make sure our customers are able to make their trips, and our Same-Day Emergency Service, giving peace of mind to both you and your client.

Our Partner Commissions can make a nice Profit Center for your travel company, especially when you have groups of travelers. We provide our travelers with a Discount Code that gives them reduced Pricing and Partner Commissions to you. It is so simple. Travelers continue to use Legal Passport Services for superior customer service, and reliability, in securing their travel documents in plenty of time for travel

Our couriers are especially adept at both the passport expediting process and the subsequent trip to the foreign consulate/s when the visa stamp in the passport book is required. They talk with government officials and with consulate employees to get daily updates on any rule changes or on individual cases. We have smooth, steady, dependable, and timely relationships with US Passport Services and with many, many foreign consulates. Whether your travel document needs are relatively simple, or rather complex cases, we make sure you have all current information on the documents and materials to make it all a peace of mind process.


If interested in opening a Profit Center Account for our company, please, just fill out the online Travel Partner Form below with your contact information. We will have an Account Specialist contact you to enroll you now.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: The State Department is closer to Reopening Dates of either July 5th or July 15th. We will post the verified Reopening Date when we know.