Urgent Passport Renewal ­ – Eligibility Requirements


For Urgent or Emergency Passport Service, please call Legal Passport at (800) 238­ 6662 to Reserve Your 48-Hour Passport Appointment in the Passport Agency.

For individuals 16 years of age and older who:

  1. You have your most recent undamaged 10 year US passport book (or card).
  2. Your recent passport book (or card) was issued in your current name.
    (If your name was changed since the expired passport was issued, you must supply the original marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other legal name change document).
  3. Your most recent passport book (or card) was issued within the past 15 years.
  4. Your most recent passport book (or card) was issued when you were 16 years old or older.

IMPORTANT: If your passport book (or card) is damaged or mutilated, you must follow New Passport application procedures.

I. 1 Adult 10 Year Passport


Must be a 10 year passport that has expired in the last 5 years or is about to expire. The passport must be in good shape and can never have been reported lost or stolen. Please let us know if you have a legal name change.
Please let us know if you have or had a Passport Card as it my affect your renewal application.

II. Photo Requirements


One passport photo (2×2 with white background)

Click here for Photo Requirements  Eyeglasses are not allowed.

Do you have a Picture Perfect Passport?

Please read the Photo Requirements as Rejected photos are the top reason for Passports being delayed.

III. Passport Application Form


Complete One (1) DS-82.

This form must be completed online, generating a required 2-D barcode on the top left margin, and printed on two pages (not double sided), and signed by the applicant. The passport office will not accept hand-written DS-82 applications.

Completed online and printed with a required 2-D barcode on top left margin. Applicant must sign the with DS-82 with a black pen and original signature. See example below. Instructions pages may be discarded.

Example of 2D Barcode on Form


IMPORTANT: Match the departure date on the DS-82 with the departure date on the travel itinerary or travel evidence.

IV. Authorization Letter


Complete one (1) Letters of Authorization with original signatures.

Important Note:  The Letter of Authorization must be signed by the applicant.

The courier company name should be written in pen in the blank line above where you sign your name at the bottom.

V. Proof of Departure


Computer generated flight itinerary from the airline or a travel agency, copy of airline ticket or a corporate letter for business travel. Proof of departure must be within 4 weeks. Please let us know if you also need a visa to travel to a particular country.

VI. US Government Fees


Adults: $208.32 payment in the form of a personal check or money order made out to the U.S. Department of State. This amount includes $18.32 for Overnight Priority Mail return of the passport to the address on your DS 82 form. The check is included with the DS­-82 form.  Print the applicant’s name and birth date on the check or money order.

Note: Starter checks are not accepted

Please Note: 2-5 Days Urgent Service customers processed in San Francisco must write their check or USPS Money Order for $190.00.  Print your name and birthdate on the check or USPS Money Order  (which is the only type of money order allowed in San Francisco). These passports will be picked up at Will Call and shipped back via FedEx, for an extra $40.

VII. Call to Reserve a Courier, Make Payment and Receive Shipping Address


Call (800) 238­-6662 to reserve your Courier Appointment.

Payment To Legal Passport by credit/debit card only.

Please provide your credit card to reserve a courier time slot with the US Passport Agency – this is non­refundable, the Passport Agency has limited reservations. Payment is required to secure your reservation. This will guarantee your reservation with the US Passport Agency and expedited service. Note: The US Passport Agency determines eligibility to receive a passport based on proof of citizenship and compliance with instructions provided.


All placed orders are legally bound to our Refund Policy

How fast do you need your US Passport? 48 hours?

$720Urgent: 2 - 5 Days + Shipping Time
$620Rush: 6 - 20 Days + Shipping Time
$52020 Days or More + Shipping Time
Processing and Shipping Times are based on Business Days.

Legal Passport Order Refund Policy

VIII. Fedex Ship your Renewal Materials to the Passport Courier


Final checklist of what you need to Overnight FedEx:

  1. Passport.
  2. Passport Photo.
  3. Signed and Completed DS-82 with bar code on top left margin.
  4. Travel Evidence.
  5. Check (starter checks are not accepted) for $208.32 made out to the US Department of State – print your name and birth date on check or money order.
  6. Letter of Authorization – signed with Legal Passport written above your
    signature on the line that says “enter courier company name”.
  7. Signed Legal Passport Refund Policy Document

IMPORTANT: Note: Please use the properly sized FedEx envelope, or FedEx box, to Safely and Securely Ship your documents

Call (800) 238-­6662 for shipping address to Legal Passport courier and for shipping instructions for FedEx. DO NOT USE USPS or UPS.
You are required to report tracking number when you ship.

The soonest we can get a US Passport delivered to you is November 30, 2022.