Legal Passport offers Emergency Passport Service for the government issuing of US passports, including passport renewals, child passport applicaotns, and new passport applications,  in as little as 24 hours. We will ship your passport back to you within six hours of our receiving your documents from you. We guarantee you will have your passport back in less than 24 hours from when Legal Passport received your materials. The guarantee applies if your documents are in order, you have no liens, and the government is able to do its thing (make the passport).

The fastest expediting company – Why? Because Legal Passport, in an emergency, will get your passport back to you in less than 20 hours!

Full Line of Services – Legal Passport can help you get expedite a visa for over 200 countries and electronic visas like a US ESTA or an Australian ETA. Legal Passport also offers document expediting for legalizations, letters of invitation, and document translations, in addition to a complete line of passport services.

Our Passport & Visa Specialists help clients with New Passport, Child Passports, Passport Renewal, and Replacement of Lost or Stolen Passports, along with expertise in visa processing of visas for all countries, though primarily China, Brazil, Russia, and India, among others.

Custom Database – Our customers can relax when they know they are safe and in the good hands of an advanced database comprised of a network of travel document requirements for all countries – along with extensive foreign entry requirements for all countries.

We also provide all of the required forms and applications, easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow instructions, and all requirements for expediting a passport or a travel visa.

Legal Passport’s secure process is dedicated to protecting your privacy and your citizenship papers, your identity documents, and ultimately your newly assembled passport. We understand and respect the sensitive nature of your identity documents used to obtain travel documents like passports and visas. We do not share any customer’s personal information and important documents.

Fast Turnaround Time – After receiving your documents from overnight FedEx, we then submit your application/materials to the Passport Agency or the Consulate. When we get the green light from officials that your documents are without a problem, we then let you know via email that your status is approved, you can relax, and that we have a pickup slip for your passport or visa.


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The soonest we can get a US Passport delivered to you is November 30, 2022.